My images reflect my style of photography which I would categorize as that of a photo journalist.  Capturing the essence of your event is both enjoyable and fulfilling to me as a photographer.  I shoot my events digitally.  My images are high resolution and are taken in colour but can easily be adjusted afterwards to black and white or toned versions of the same photo.  There are a plethora of photo enhancements which can be applied to any of your pictures to make them even more stunning than the originals.  This tweaking of an image can be extremely effective and attractive in the final analysis of an image.  Photography is my passion.  I favour Canon’s family of pro cameras and lenses.  I find that they meet my needs and always deliver top notch results.  When delivering your final product, I include only high resolution files for your printing needs.


An event photographer attends an event and records its highlights.  As such, I am able to supply quality digital images for a wide range of corporate, social, sporting and private functions.  My expertise allows me to cover most indoor and outdoor events.  I offer your event’s participants professionalism and experience, so whatever, whenever and wherever your function, I will endeavour to cover all of your photographic needs.


Sports photography is all about timing.  It’s about reaction. It’s about being in the right place at the right time and it’s about execution.  These are all qualities of the athlete and must be qualities of the photographer as well.  Every sport will have predictable and unpredictable occurrences.  Individual sports have opportune moments for that perfect shot.  For instance, in basketball, one will have opportunities to photograph lay up shots, jump shots or free throws.  In rowing, one strives to catch the crew’s blades as they uniformly enter the water. Understanding the timing of these predictable actions allows one to capture the peak moment with action at its most dramatic.  By recognizing these instances one can anticipate the action and as such, snap the shutter just at that right time. Having participated in and coached sport, I am aware of these requirements for recording that perfect shot and strive to capture them for you too.  In addition, I shoot team photos to which I am able to add logos, names and related information in a visually pleasing manner.


When it comes to the digital recording of event imagery, theatrical, dance and performing arts photography are amongst my favourites.  My expertise includes theatrical production photography, rehearsal photographs and poster imagery.  I am an annual contributor to numerous theatrical and school groups in the Niagara region and have photographed and helped them promote more than two dozen major theatrical features over the past twenty years.  I have enjoyed combining my knowledge of photography with many memorable stage productions. In addition, my expertise in post production work such as lighting, colour correction, cropping, logo application and such, makes for professional and attractive end products.


Beautiful and memorable portraits do not just happen, they are carefully planned. Personal portraits of individuals, families, children, corporate personnel, students, grads or just about anyone else you might imagine can be easily arranged, then taken.  Please look over the following suggestions to see how you may participate in the creation of your personal portrait.  Clothing which uses solid colours is often the best.  Avoid large, bold patterns.  Select clothing which is considered classic.  This will produce a portrait which can be enjoyed for years to come.  Darker clothing tends to minimize body size while lighter tones tend to emphasize body size.  Co-ordinate the clothing of all subjects in a group portrait. Too many busy patterns and colours may be distracting in a group portrait. Select a colour theme that flows.  While all the colours do not have to match, they should be harmonious with one another.


On occasion, a cherished or important photo may be damaged and need some tender loving care.  That being the case, I am able to digitally remaster an image, should the need arise.